Week in review

Had a great Sunday with the Family. I was kind of bummed out after the Christening, probably because of the combination of getting a letter and standing up in front of my family in a different way, also because I knew we'd be getting back on the plane tomorrow and that the trip would be over soon.

Everyone pretty much enjoyed themselves as they normally do. Michelle mentioned to me that it was neat to be at the party because it reminded her of the family get together's that we'd gotten to know each other at when we were kids. I hadn't really thought about it like that, ever. I suppose that part of me doesn't really frame myself in my family the same way Michelle does, or maybe it's that I don't consider it because we're (probably) not going to have kids. Either way it made me think about the amount of time I spent playing with Teddy and Shannon. I remember playing with my Aunts and Uncles when I was growing up and the impressions I had of them when I was very little must have affected my impression of them later in life. It seemed like a good thing to have played with them so much when I thought about it like that. It also occurred to me that I should probably play with Teddy a bit more today as Shannon had received most of my attention.

Now that I'm on the plane it occurs to me that I probably played more with Teddy because he was more interesting to play with. I guess I felt that I was neglecting Teddy because Shannon get's so much attention from the whole family during the get togethers because she enjoys the attention so much. Whereas Teddy is much quieter and happy to blend into the gathering.

They are so much more interesting as they reach school age. You can start to see them forming their adult selves. Or at least you can see subtleties start to appear in their personalities.

The babies are certainly fun too. They are so predictable though that I find I get bored with them pretty quickly. They fun part of interacting with babies for me is how the interaction affects me and those around me. When they are related to me it's easy to see that the baby will have a profound affect on me. I see my family's future, I see the transition in the parents (from a married couple to parents) and I see the link to the past in the names, and physical characteristics.

When my family gets together now, there are lots of babies. We have 4 babies in the immediate family this year and all of them were at the christening (I'm considering anyone under 3 a baby). During one of our infamous 'group photo' setups one of the babies started acting up. In response to that someone started singing "The Alphabet Song". By the letter C the entire house was singing the song and she stopped crying immediately. Even though she had stopped crying the whole family decided to keep singing till the song was finished.

The interesting part is to wonder if she would have started crying again if we hadn't sung the whole song. I suppose she might have if we had immediately stopped singing when she first stopped crying.. but certainly if we had stopped after "elemenOpee" she might not have noticed that we didn't finish and by then she had been completely distracted. It's kind of academic by itself but combined with the other things I know of my family it's another, albeit minor, indication of our thoroughness.

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