Travel day from NYC to Richmond Virginia

Today we got up early to get down to Penn Station and catch the train to DC. From there we will lug our gear onto the Metro and meet Hilleary, who will take us to Mom and Dad's house. There we will pick up their car and drive down to visit with Steve and Kris in Richmond. Should be a pretty full day!

Train Leaving NYC

If you are ever taking an 'unreserved' train from Penn Station, Eric and Mary gave us a great tip. Ask for a 'Red Cap' to help you with your bags. They will get you on the train before the rest of the crowd is allowed to board the train.

Train has been nice and comfortable. We're in one of the older cars that only has two electrical outlets. Lucky we were the first ones on the car! The newer cars have outlets in every pair of seats.

The game plan is to get out of DC before the traffic gets too bad. If everything goes well we should be pulling out around 3:30 which is very close to the start of rush hour. If we get delayed at all we may spend some time with Ted and Sonja and wait for the traffic to lighten up around 7:00 PM. As the weather report predicted Thunderstorms for the evening, I'd certainly prefer to get out of town before 4.

Eric was telling us last night about how people that he knows that have been in the city for their whole lives that will never get on the subway. Sure seems odd as the cabs can get expensive pretty quick and the subways, while certainly dirty and more than a little foul smelling, are faster and cheaper.

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