There is much to celebrate in life..

Last night Laura and I went out to dinner for the first time in ages. Our personal economy is still getting hammered by the tough times about us. Monday I got really irritated with all the worry about money, war, the tech market and general round the house kind of things. So I remembered that every really happy period in my life has occurred after a personal decision to prioritize my happiness.

I shared this with Laura that evening and it seems we're going to give it a shot. So three days into it Laura gets her annual employee review back and she did extremely well. So this is a good sign. Certainly just a coincidence but still a happy event. We certainly won't mind the extra salary.

So what is happiness. Well it means lots of things to lots of different people. To me it means to celebrate what we have, what we have accomplished and what we are working toward. Now I'm 37 years old so celebrating something means something much different to me know than it did 15~20 years ago. When i was a younger man celebrate involved killing brain cells and numbing myself to the awkwardness of youth. Now celebrating is something I do every day by taking a few minutes to listen to a CD, or read a book that isn't work related or just talk with Laura about our days.

I suppose happiness means other things too. Regardless of it's many meanings, we're prioritizing it now. Not in a short sighted way. There's a lot of satisfaction and happiness in seeing a long project to completion. But we're looking it how we spend our evenings and weekends and we're doing whatever we can to make them as happy as possible.

I guess this seems like an obvious thing to do from another's perspective. But it's not really that hard to forget to stay focused on your own happiness. At least it appears we strayed from it.

Larry Cummings

I work with product development teams, helping find balance between people and machines to get valuable things done. I'm married and have one child. I completely love sweeping generalizations.

Phoenix, AZ

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