Richmond arrival

Well we had no trouble at all travelling to Richmond today. Hilleary picked us up right on time and within 2 hours of arriving at Union Station we were pulling onto 495 south in the Intrepid. It was pretty much clear sailing all the way.

We're looking forward to visiting with Nana tomorrow and spending more time with Erica and Zoe as well. These kids are sure fun to visit!

After seeing Zoe for the first time we're really beginning to realize that, it's true, Cummings babies are unusually large.

The rest of the trip I will be on dial up connections. I'm already missing the wireless network at Eric and Mary's, reminds me of home.

The wether feels much 'stickier' down here even though the temperature and humidity is very similar to what we had in NYC.

Laura said something funny today: "You know the real problem with New York city is just the ventilation". It is remarkably clean compared to what it's been but August in the city is a bit much.

Long Island Apartments called Suburbia

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