Reading and Talking

Started the day with the strangest dream.

I was in some sort of immersive documentary medium. Instead of just watching the experience I was able to interact with the whole world as if I had travelled back in time. Probably because I was back in DC and because I there were so many babies on this trip, Laura and I were 'viewing' Washington DC n 1966.

For some reason everything in this world had a sepia cast, as if despite the ability to interact with everyone and everything in this world, the visual rendition could not be perfected.

Since I lived in DC for many years of my childhood, I had suggested and Laura agreed to visit my folks in 1966. This was only possible because in my subconscious we had already moved to Brookville apartments in 1966, two years, maybe three, before we actually did.

I was awakened by Shannon brushing my cheek with a Power Puff Girl doll well before we got to the townhouse. I had already figured out though that we would introduce ourselves as long lost cousins, and that I would be named Leonard. Very weird dream.

Today was quiet and relaxing. I stayed home and watched Shannon and Teddy while Sonja and Laura went shopping for a Christening Candle for Daniel. We surfed the Internet, played with Pokemon cards and watched the movie Space Jam. The Pokemon cards part was fun because we used the PokeDex toy Laura and I had given Teddy a few Christmases ago to compare ourselves to the size and weight of the Pokemon characters. Using the PokeDex, we were able to find the characters that matched a certain height or weight. Teddy was amazed that the Pokemon's were so small at one point saying "I thought they were supposed to be huge!".

We went over to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. Dad was napping so we went to the Mall with Mom to shop for new glasses. She had left her old glasses in Alaska.

Mom, Dad, Ted Jr. and Sonja (and children) and Laura and I had dinner at Arties which was nice.

Larry Cummings

I work with product development teams, helping find balance between people and machines to get valuable things done. I'm married and have one child. I completely love sweeping generalizations.

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