Phoenix Bach Choir nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, Phoenix seemingly unaware of

So I'm in a choir. The Choir Director and a few of our singers are in a group called The Phoenix Bach Choir.

They've just been nominated for 4 Grammy Awards.

So I figure, well that's probably a pretty good record, and I can get it autographed too. So I'll go to Border's and pick it up.

Bear in mind Border's is considered one of the last good places to shop for Classical Music. Turns out they have to special order it.  So I'm going to see if Stinkweeds can get it for me. I'll let you know which get's here first.

I find this kind of amazing, and a little depressing. A lot of people are concerned that classical music as an industry may be dying.

This is kind of interesting for Phoenix because, as such a modern city, we have very limited social norms based on a local classical music cultural heritage. Nothing like this has ever happened to Phoenix. Classical Music, or any other form of music can't really "die", it just becomes less interesting to the point that it goes dormant.

Seeing an international debate about the genre's struggles and viability while watching a local community figure out how to build on the phenomenal success of the Phoenix Bach Choir gives me whiplash. It's kind of fun.

Larry Cummings

I work with product development teams, helping find balance between people and machines to get valuable things done. I'm married and have one child. I completely love sweeping generalizations.

Phoenix, AZ

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