No air in the air

Travelling to California today for a security conference.

Last night the Air Conditioner crapped out and we had to get the USAA Appliance Warranty renewal completed before they could schedule assistance.

There was no phone call or mail from them regarding the credit card number being transposed so when we called in the renewal last week it didn't 'take'. Luckily they were able to get us fixed up without it taking too long. I'm continuously impressed with the training that company does for their call center staff. They do most of their business over the phone so it's really important, but I've dealt with so many other companies that don't execute it well even though they rely on telephone communications so much.

Laura is stuck in the un-airconditioned house today while they replace the condenser. It got up to about 87 degrees in the house yesterday as the old unit tried to get the job done even though the condenser was failing. We decided to stay at a local hotel for the night rather than sleeping at home in the heat.

I can't imagine how people used to live without any air conditioning at all. 85 degrees is not that hot when you consider that the average summer temperature is over 100 degrees F for this time of year. Back before refrigeration there were a couple methods people used to keep cool.

First there was a sleeping porches, where you basically counted on the significant drop in temperature you get out in the desert to provide you a comfortable sleeping environment. This is pretty much just a matter of sleeping somewhere where whatever slight breeze occurs naturally, can travel unimpeded over your sleeping form. Obviously this is not an option for today's world. Phoenix has way to much pavement and automotive emissions to allow the evening temperature to drop as much as it used to. It's a very 'Zen' like approach anyway, no real effort is expended to control the sleeping environment, you simply experience the sleeping environment that exists for all the area you are in.

The first technical advancement was the Evaporative Cooler, commonly called the Swamp Cooler. Then of course the refrigeration form of Air Conditioning we all enjoy today.

Sure is nice here in Monterey. Temperature is awesome, 40 degrees cooler than we are now in Phoenix.

Larry Cummings

I work with product development teams, helping find balance between people and machines to get valuable things done. I'm married and have one child. I completely love sweeping generalizations.

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