LOTR Fun Fact of the Day sometimes the highlight of my day

So I have probably already mentioned that Laura has become a very avid LOTR fan. (The trick was getting her to watch the extended version DVD of the Fellowship of the RIng in the comfort of her own living room).

So now during our discussion of how our 'days' were she will ask me:

"Are you ready for the Lord of the Rings Fun Fact of the day?"

I'll respond "Sure!"

And she'll then ask me a question.

"How old was Elijah Wood when he auditioned for the part of Frodo Baggins?"

I'll answer "22?" even though I'm only sure that I'm going to be wrong.

He was 17 by the way.

So I've learned all sorts of little things about the production of the first two films over the last month.

Good thing this blog is here otherwise no one would ever know it.

I'll probably post one or two of them as some of them are quite surprising.

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