Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Maybe we should visit NYC with little to no plans more often.

Today we relaxed the vast majority of the day away. We realized as we were coming home last night that we were within 1/2 a block of the Ed Sullivan Theater (home of The Late Show with David Lettermen). As I have been a fan of his since he had a morning show, the first thing we did today was to go down the street and poke around a little. It was Sunday, so both the Gift Shop and the Hello Deli were closed.

After that we walked much to far to get to the 50th Street and Broadway Red Line subway stop. I say much to far because, for some reason, I had remembered it up on 8th Ave. There was a man preaching with a single speaker PA system on Broadway as we approached the station entrance.

We arrived at Eric and Mary's around 1:30~2:00 and had our leftovers from dinner last night for lunch today. We chatted and listened to music for an hour or so. At 3:30 we decided to check out the "Museum of Radio and Television" on 52nd Street. On the way our cabbie "accidently" drove all the way through Times Square ("You said 32nd Street") which was both annoying and kind of nice as we wouldn't have seen it at all this trip if he hadn't.

The Museum of Radio and Television is one of the most bizarre musuems in NYC. Basically it's six stories of "Screening Rooms" with no "exhibits" except for large 11x14 framed prints in the hallways. Basically you go into one of these screening rooms and 'screen' the exhibit. So in essence you drive to midtown and pay six bucks to watch the "exhibit" on TV. As most of the footage is "rare" (or at least "hard to find") I can actually see why you would want to do this if you were really into one of the subjects being presented.

As we were only mildly interested in all the subjects, with the possible exception of Elvis, who Eric has always enjoyed in a subversive sort of way, we basically moved from screening to screening and took breaks tending to Sarah who was very well behaved. We saw David Bowie videos, Elvis Presley concert footage and the Pilot for Seinfeld. So basically take the experience of sitting on your sofa and flipping the channels on your Cable service then charge six bucks, a lot of walking around and put it in a musuem setting and that's what it was like.

Heading back to the house we vegged out for a few more hours. Took some photos with the kids:

Laura and I with Emma and Sarah

...and had some Chinese delivery for dinner. Steve Margolis brought over his son Mike and his new bruiser of a son Brian. Jenn didn't come over as she was getting ready to start work again tomorrow morning.

We got back to the hotel about 10:30 and crashed early so we could get out early to catch the train to Washington DC in the morning.

Larry Cummings

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