The Durufle Requiem at Church of the Beatitudes

When I first joined the choir at the Church of the Beatitudes, our son David wasn't born yet. We had just become members of the church, having decided to regularly go to church.

The first year in the choir I was not really sure what I was doing. I'd never sung before, but could read music well. Within two months of joining we sang the Requiem as we do every year for the All Saints Day service.

Well 4 years later, I'm much more comfortable singing in general, and certainly comfortable singing the Durufle again. This weekend we preformed the Durufle requiem again.

Durufle Requiem at the Church of the Beatitudes - 2007

It was quite fun and I think the best the bass section has sounded since I started in the choir.

Larry Cummings

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