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Babies and Baseball

Had a very nice visit today with Eric an Mary. Took Emma, one of their baby twins, to see the "Baseball as America" exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. It was pretty cool although most of the exhibit was of little things (cards, cleats, caps etc.). Enjoyed seeing Blanche McGraw's seat from the Polo Grounds. Especially since I just finished reading John McGraw's biography.

It was kind of ironic that to get into the company of baseball memerobelia you had to walk through a room full of Reptiles.

After that we relaxed in the Mangol's apartment. We listened to some music and talked about everything from high school to parenthood. It was probably the first time we've really relaxed and visited with them without having to chat over the background noise of a restaurant.

Laura and I really enjoyed holding the babies who were very well behaved. Sarah took to Laura right away but I Emma wasn't sure what to make of me till I held her above my head and swooped her down toward my face a few times. Then she warmed right up.

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