Another day in Monterey

I've definitely eaten too many meals at the hotel restaurant. I've tried everything that looked interesting on the menu already. The service in the hotel restaurant is surprisingly bad.

That reminds me. Here's a tip if your ever considering a career in waiting tables. Bring the check the way your customers prefer to receive it unless it is specifically forbidden by the restaurant's management. Three times this weekend we wanted to split the check and three times we were told 'no'.

To their credit the Hyatt, who I was just complaining about a moment ago, did split our check today. But then we had to chase down our waitress to pay the damn thing, seems like we were chasing her down during the entire meal.

Larry Cummings

I work with product development teams, helping find balance between people and machines to get valuable things done. I'm married and have one child. I completely love sweeping generalizations.

Phoenix, AZ

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